For years, all I could think about was food: where am I going to get my favorite goodies? How can I satisfy this craving for chocolate? Does the store have the ice cream I want? How am I going to eat the rest of this cake without anyone knowing it was me? Where can I go to eat - and not be interrupted?

Then, after my binge, these thoughts would come…

  • What have I done to myself?
  • Look at me, I’m so fat.
  • I can’t believe I keep doing this.
  • If anyone knew how much I ate, they would be disgusted.
  • I am disgusted.
  • I can’t stop this madness…

There was a time when I had to fight with my weight constantly (50 extra pounds). It seems like I was always on a diet, always trying to be “good”; but as soon as I lost some weight, my cravings for my favorite foods would get the best of me, and I’d blow it. I’d go right back to my same pattern of binging and hating myself for it. 

And believe me, I tried everything to stop overeating…diets, exercise programs, fasting, self-help books, therapy (even eating disorders therapy), 12-step programs, making pacts with friends…nothing worked for me long-term. I was so frustrated.  And I felt hopeless. 

Friends, family and professionals told me things that should have helped, but they didn’t. Things like:

  • “Just eat less and exercise more” (like I hadn’t thought of that)
  • “Try to moderate your sweets” (impossible for me to do)
  • “Just eat more mindfully” (But I was eating to escape my mind)
  • “Try intuitive eating” (problem is, I’d “intuit” that I should eat…all the time!)

These suggestions didn’t help. They came from well-meaning people that didn’t understand the struggle I had, and how this problem consumed me. And I wasn’t about to admit it, either. I was so ashamed of being this way. I was demoralized by the sneaky and desperate things I did with food, and the ways I tried to combat my weight. The number on the scale was going up, in spite of all my best efforts. 

Thankfully, I finally found a solution. And it had nothing to do with crazy diets or impossible exercise programs; it had nothing to do with food plans or scales. It was a way to make peace with food, and with myself, so I could finally love my body, love my food and love my life. 

I have been blessed to guide 1,000 women through my step-by-step process to overcome their struggles with food and weight. Women have lost weight without ever focusing on weight loss. 

I want to show you how.  

For the first time, I am going to share my step-by-step formula for freedom from emotional eating.