Bring a friend Invitation Text
Sometimes it's challenging to know what to say to invite someone to an event like this. Working on yourself should be celebrated. But sometimes, it can feel vulnerable. We hope these example messages inspire you or make you extending an invite and giving this gifts easy as possible!

Option 1 -
Hi name! I'm going to an event (digitally) on June 10th-June 12 that's all about loving your body, your life, and ultimately, having a healthy relationship with food. I could use a buddy. Safety in numbers 🙂🙂. Was wondering if this would interest you? I have a free ticket, and I thought of you. Let me know if you want more info.

Option 2 -
Hey name. I'm taking some me time on June 10-June 12. I get a free ticket for a friend! Are you interested? Ultimately, it's about living a healthy life, and the emphasis is on making peace with food, body, and creating happiness. It'd be fun to have someone to talk/relate to about it. Naturally, I thought of you. Are you interested? You can check out details here. Let me know if you want me to have them send you a free ticket.

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