Make your results Last

10 Weeks to Newfound Freedom

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  • You’ve reset your metabolism, now what?
  • Heal the root cause of your overeating.
  • Crave healthy foods so eating clean is easy.
  • Quit the weight loss roller-coaster ride.
  • Feel happier and at peace with your body.
  • Keep your liver and your body in top shape.

Create Lasting Change with 10 Weeks to Freedom


10 Weeks, New Found Freedom

Every week you’re getting personalized attention from me. With these 12 coaching sessions, ensure you’re on a path to freedom from someone who “gets” you. I’m right by your side, helping you break free.



10 Weeks to Freedom Online Course

With this easy-to-follow program the need for excess food can diminish, easily and without thought. This course gives you a step-by-step blueprint for breaking free from food cravings and guides you to freedom from emotional eating.



Heal Your Hunger Community

According to a recent Mayo Clinic study, the #1 determinant in weight loss success or failure is the level of community support received. Within the community, you’ll experience deep connection that sets you up to win.


Create Lasting Change

10 Weeks, New Found Freedom

Check out how Dr. C broke through his own food issues to achieve optimal health. It’s all about healing the source of old habits. Learn more in the video, and experience lasting results in 10 Weeks to Freedom from Emotional Eating.